2018 Boating Season


This time, it's official.

NautiBuoy® brought great awareness to Lake St. Clair by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS official attempt at the largest boat tie-up in Muscamoot Bay (Michigan), a popular tie-up spot inaccessible by land.


Registration Flag

Participating boats displayed this registration flag to denote their participation in the world-record attempt.


Commemorative Burgee

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Press Release

NautiBuoy Announces Official Attempt at the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Title for the Largest Boat Tie-up

 NautiBuoy, a Michigan limited liability company, is a social boating group that specializes in nautical event planning.

ST. CLAIR SHORES, MI. - April 6, 2018 - As Lake St. Clair enters the fifteenth year since the original attempt to earn the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title Largest boat tie-up, boaters may finally bask in success now that NautiBuoy is at the helm. Their coordination with GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS makes this year the first official attempt as an adjudicator will be present to certify the count at this summer’s Raft-Off held in Muscamoot Bay on August 11, 2018.

Lake Cumberland Association holds the current title on Lake Cumberland, Kentucky, achieved on August 14, 2010, with 1,651 boats. Weekend attendees at Muscamoot Bay’s tie-ups pride themselves as they claim their tie-ups are the largest, yet they have loomed under only an unofficial title after many previous attempts were unsuccessful. 

Why has Lake St. Clair had so many unsuccessful attempts? “The event is simply too big for weekend goers to organize and follow the rules set by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS,” says NautiBuoy Commodore Michael Droogleever. Now that he, a former U.S. Marine Corps officer, is dedicating himself full-time to the effort with a complementing crew comprised of Muscamoot Bay veterans, the outcome is promising.

Unlike previous attempts, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS will be present this time. Beyond securing that essential requirement, NautiBuoy’s approach reveals extensive planning: (1) use of technology (e.g., social media, drones, online registration, etc.); (2) promotion and education at Raft-Off Rallies (registration events); (3) staff dress rehearsal; and (4) mandatory pre-registration for accountability, which means the day of Raft-Off is dedicated to the safe and efficient formation of boats. Michael declares that “we will need the entire day to coordinate this massive naval operation.” All reassuring coming from a naval officer!

Participants must register to qualify for the record-breaking attempt, and all watercraft must be physically connected in a single, continuous structure to complete the record. Eligible craft includes any motorized boat, sailboat, aquabike/jetski, canoe/kayak, or rigid inflatable boat. NautiBuoy (www.nautibuoy.com) has provided registration, details, and event rules on the Raft-Off 2018 website, www.raftoff2018.com